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Ball State Pregame Thread

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When: Saturday 9/15 at 12pm ET on BTN

ESPN: 83% chance of IU victory

Vegas: IU -14

Ball State is 1-1 with a 42-6 win over Central Connecticut State and a 24-16 loss to Notre Dame




In Sagarin, IU is #63 and Ball State is #110


On paper, IU should win this one comfortably. But we all know that is usually never the case when these two teams match up.

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24 minutes ago, btownqb said:

I have no idea how you define and ranked SPT??.. ours are perfectly fine though. 

I think ours will eventually be fine, but the first two games weren't great.  Blocked kicks, penalties, poor returns.  I do think we emphasize it enough along with having Inge as special teams coach that we'll be fine.

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Two things from the Allen pre/post game interview, offered up by Mr. Peagram.

1. Weekly meetings with Morgan, and no further updates.

2. Thanks to whomever figured out that you need to put a microphone in the audience when they ask questions of the coach.  Hope this hold true for the BB season as well.

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1 hour ago, rico said:

Thanks Rico. Obviously Ball State got up for ND.  It's my hope that took a lot out of them, rather than motivating them.  After all,  who "get's up" for IU ?   LOL

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I'm looking for the defense to continue to solidify itself.  It looked better against UVA, but still not where it needs to be - it's also really hard to glean any kind of real insight from that game.

On offense, I'd like to see them convert Scott's running into some points.  With better weather, I expect much more passing, and I think/hope IU's offense will come away looking much better in this game.


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35 minutes ago, Hoosier Guy said:

I hope Stevie Scott’s game against Virginia wasn’t a fluke. I like his game

I hope he continues building on his strong performance now that opposing defenses will have more of him to game plan on. 

6 minutes ago, Seeking6 said:

Why does Vegas think so highly of our beloved Hoosiers? Line up to 15. No sense to me. I'll gladly just take the win and get to 3-0 in our non-conference schedule thank you very much. 

It's probably a combination of that and Vegas not being sold on Ball State yet for some reason or another. I gave up trying to make sense of their methodology a long time ago. lol   

I still agree with you. It's all about getting the W no matter the margin at the end of the day! 



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