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Talked to OG today


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45 minutes ago, Indykev said:

Not sure if thats the case, wasnt my question. To be fair, he is in Bloomington a lot. I'm sure Archie treats him on a different level than Crean.

I see what you’re saying.  Seems like OG is continuing to live out his college days —  makes sense when you consider all his friends are still in Bloomington.  Even though he’s doing really well in the pros, he’s still just a college kid.  

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On 9/15/2018 at 8:34 PM, JerseyHoosier said:

Love that kid....thanks for sharing kev! Btw, I won't be shocked if he takes a serious leap in the next year or two in the nba. Curious how the Kawi trade impacts him. Very similar players and somebody OG could really learn from in terms of attacking with his athleticism this upcoming year.  

He should have a serious jump up with Kawhi to train with, scrimmage against, learn from. 

I always thought of OG as in the mold of Kawhi, both as to his playing style -- two-way wing with tremendous defense and a defense-first mindset -- and his disposition -- quiet / reserved, a quiet killer, lets him game talk for him.

Really wild to see them now on the same team and with Kawhi in his prime (assuming return to full health). OG just might have what it takes to be the next Kawhi -- that's of course a leap of faith or a stretch at this point, as Kawhi is one of the very best in the game (leaving aside all the stuff about his disconnect with the Spurs last year), but OG has some incredible tools to work with, and now the best mentor he could ask for.

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