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Midseason Checkup

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3 hours ago, rico said:

Another fine piece and yes, Iowa would be a signature win.

I think it would depend on how the rest of the season turns out.  if we go on to win 6+ and make a bowl, I'm down for calling it a signature win.  If we follow it up by losing to Minnesota, Maryland, and Purdue, I wouldn't count it as that.  Kind of like beating Missouri in 2014.  That was a monster win against a team that only lost 1 other regular season game, but Sudfeld got hurt a couple weeks later and we ended with only 4 wins.

Hopefully a win would catapult us to 7+ wins, and then it would be a massive signature win.

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I really like how good our defense has been at creating turnovers, but we need to get better at turning those turnovers into yards and points.  Too many times we've had an interception with a wide open field in front of us only to fall as we're making the catch.  Last week we had one of those over the middle.  There was one against MSU too that we couldn't punch in from inside the 10.

I'm always reminded of some of the dominant Bears defenses of the past 15 years.  When they got a turnover, their only goal was to take it to the house.  Every time their defense got the ball, you felt like they'd score.  Maybe it's because we're still young, but it seems like our goal is just make the turnover.  Crawford is pretty good about looking to do damage once he gets it, but it seems like most others are content with just securing it.  Turnovers are a great, but a pick six can be a game changer.  Hopefully those come more with some experience.

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