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What if? (mostly BB)

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Bird really intrigues me.  He would have been on the '75 team when Scott May went down.  In '77 a frontline of Benson, Woodson, and Bird would have been something else.  That '78 team might have challenged Duke in the East Regional with Bird on it.  Then there is the NBA aspect as well as the '79 championship game.  History would completely been different.  What if?

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Here's another what if.  What if, Bird had stayed at IU ? And the disconnect between he and some of the players continued to the point that the '75 team would not be considered by Knight as his best team ever.  Or, it became so disruptive, that the '76 team would not have won a NC ?

I enjoyed reading the article. Thanks Snowden for the link.  However, we could what if history for years, and it still won't change what happened.


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