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Scouting Report on Loyola Chicago


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One of the toughest non-conference contests will be taking place tomorrow behind closed doors. There's a lot to be learned competing against such an efficient team that also runs a variation of the packline. In lieu of a foreign tour where the team can gel across multiple games, I really do think this is about as good of a secret scrimmage that Archie and Bill Comar could have scheduled.

Get to know Loyola Chicago and what the coaching staff will be watching for:



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9 minutes ago, dgambill said:

Hope to hear some promising news after the scrimmage. A lot of young guys and a lot to learn from. Be good to hear how Romeo handles his first college level action.

Agreed. One of the biggest matchups I would like to hear about is Clayton Custer (Fifth year senior, veteran guard, three-star recruit who eventually grew to become the Valley's POTY) versus Romeo (basically a complete contrast).


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Just now, SpiderMonkey said:

Someone must have forgot to send that report to me then. Please add me to the report list so I can get the reports that everyone else evidently gets. Thanks. 

It was posted here and on the Rivals site almost 2 hours before 0708 made his comment.  Trust me, the report was out.  

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