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Southern Indiana Post game thread


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Very happy to see DA shoot the ball so well. Can really see him being a spark off the bench with his shot and to be a scorer in the years to come. I think it’s safe to say Romeo is more of a scorer than shooter. Takes advantage of his match ups but for him to be elite he will have to become deadly shooter. Robert has seemed in control of his game and the point...but when competition steps up will he be able to.

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Demezi can flat out shoot. 14 points in 15 minutes, 4-7 from the arc (was 4-5). He earned some minutes, has a lot of potential on both sides of the ball.

Romeo had an off night offensively, but the dude grabbed 4 steals to go with 5 boards -- he will impact the floor no matter what.

Morgan is so solid. Started a bit slow, but was 5-7 for 12 and +25 in 25 minutes. Basically, he's +1 every minute he's on the floor.

McRoberts hit 2-3 -- he actually led our team last year in outside shooting percentage -- but I'd like to see him shoot MORE. Led the +/- in +27, impacts the floor with his savvy and D, but he can shoot more, and should.

Phin played like a stud. 0 TO's, 4 assists to go with 5-8 shooting for 13. I'd like to see him assist more though. For a true point, he should be facilitating more -- not to take away from this game, he was very good, but as a true point, facilitate more.

Smith only played 17 minutes because he had 4 fouls -- but he looked very good, 4-8 and 1-1 from the arc with 5 boards and 2 assists

Fitzner will average double figures. That shooting opens up the floor. 4-5, 2-3 from the arc, to go with 4 boards and a block

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