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Three More Games | Two More Wins

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1 hour ago, The Daily Hoosier said:
Three more games to believe...if you dare. The soul crushing resumes next Saturday.

Good article TDH I really like your posts!  Sadly, you are right.  Less than 6 W's is a bust for this year and I still think we go 0-3 for the remainder.   I have moved on to BB.  I have no more emotional gas in the tank for IUFB this year.  But now next year.......................?

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....Very good read and most likely the mindset of all Hoosier football fans. I am praying that with this xtra week off, we will see a meaner, faster and healthier team than we have all season. It sure would be refreshing to see IU crush Maryland going into Michigan the following week. I feel the Maryland game performance will be key to how we finish out. Win...we grab some confidence, or a little mojo. Loose.....meltdown. I am really feeling the Michigan game will be close, maybe we even lead, ........Michigan fans get restless. Reality sets in and loose another close game early in the fourth quarter. I don't feel it will be a blowout. We have alway played Ohio St. and Michigan respectable. 

Will we ever get a game like Purdue did vs. Ohio St.? The stars were perfectly aligned (if you believe in that stuff). More like, Purdue Was NOT going to loose that game! I hate everything Purdue, but that game was won because of their dedication and love for Tyler Trent. Purdue is the game that has my utmost attention.

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