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The key word in this post/discussion is SENIOR !! I have spent one whole day researching the Major D1 teams to find out which teams can even approach IU's TWO returning SENOR STARTING GUARDS ! I could only find 19 teams that even come close to matching IU's 2 SENIOR STARTING GUARD COMBO of NEWKIRK & JOHNSON and their COMBINED 64 STARTS LAST SEASON !!

IN the Big Ten :::: Michigan , Northwestern , and PEE YEW [darn it ,vbg} 

Others :::Rhode Island , St. Bonaventure , Kansas & North Carolina Fart Heels ( IU defeated both of those teams last season when IU was HEALTHY) , West Virginia , Providence , Xavier , Fresno State , UNLV , Arizona State ( they have 3 SENIOR Guards who combined to average  of 40.4 PPG LY -Keep an eye on these guys ) , USC [the ones in California , vbg] , Arkansas ( The Razorbacks have 3 SENIOR guards who combined to average 33.4 ppg last season!! Another team to keep an eye on ?????) , Florida , LSU , Ole MIss and ST. Mary's Of California !!

I know you do not win with just GUARDS !! HOWEVER , anyone who knows me knows how much I consider SENIOR EXPERIENCE in judging teams !!  Having GOOD EXPERIENCED SENIOR GUARDS is a darn good place to start with !! Senior EXPERIENCED Guards have been through the BATTLES and know how to win and make their team better !!

Do not be surprised if some of these 19 teams that are not usually receiving much PRESEASON recognition pull of an exciting "UPSET" or TWO or THREE during the upcoming season

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I think Collin Hartman will be a big asset for us for much of the reasons you said. At some points in the season I am sure we will be thankful to have a player who has been around for so long to help transition a new season and program moving forward. You just hope he can stay healthy and actually contribute on the court too.

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