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IU adding five statues inside Assembly Hall

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Dick Vitale needs to stick with Duke, and UNC.  He certainly does not have a clue when it comes to IU.  And the heartbeat of IU fans.  Never more true than when Vitale kept the beat going for years to name the court at AH after Bobby Knight.  Never realizing the court has and had been named for McCracken. 

Now, he is calling this absurd..... when it was Bobby Knight, himself telling IU not to put him on any of the statues !


Once again, the joke is on Vitale.

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So Vitale (finally) finds out from Fred Glass  that it was Knight who specifically requested not to have his statue erected.  And still wants IU to erect a statue ? What kind of class would that be ?    SMH. 

Knight refused to come to IU when he was inducted into IU's Hall of Fame.  Knight refused to come when the 76 team and others were being honored that he coached. So, after all these slaps in the face, Mr. Glass STILL reaches out and is told by Knight not to erect a statue of him. 

When will Vitale just learn to just let it go..... like many of us have. 

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Time to move on from Knight.  I hate that he wont take the olive branch but oh well.  Someone else stated he sure does come back to sell tickets for his books and such.  Never thought about that but they were right on the money.  Really makes me angry to think he only reaches out to the fan base when money is involved. 

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