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New OC - Kalen DeBoer

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After watching the first half of their Hawaii game, here are some of my thoughts on their offense.

  • Definitely favor 2 TE sets.  Have 2 TE in most of the time
    • Likes having former WR become TE.  Their main TE is a converted WR, and another one they throw to in the red zone is a converted WR.  I'm guessing he likes having one faster and more athletic and one more for blocking and shorter routes.  Looks similar to how Iowa and Penn State use their athletic tight ends.
    • I really like the way the 2 TE sets could work for us.  With their athletic TE, they could do everything out of it.  Sometimes they were balanced, and sometimes they were unbalanced.  They could ground and pound and air it out from the same set.
  • Very balanced play calling.  They didn't just run the same run every time.  Sometimes up the middle, sometimes left, sometimes right.  Even with their first down runs, there was variety in them.  Hopefully no more 1st down runs up the middle every drive.
  • Everybody is involved.  They targeted all players.  WR, TE, RB.  They all got a look.  They were very TE and RB heavy in the pass game, but the announcers sounded like it was a wrinkle in the offense, and not something they do every game.  I would expect all players to get a fair look.
  • Most of the time they snap it with 10-15 seconds left on the play clock, but a few times they went with tempo and really threw Hawaii off.  It kind of came out of nowhere, and caught the defense off guard.  I remember reading or hearing somewhere that they liked to go up tempo when they got in the red zone.
  • They ran quite a few quicker plays that require the QB to get the ball to the receiver quickly, but they ran a few longer developing plays to let receivers get downfield.  It definitely looked like an offense that needs a QB with a good arm.  I can't see Ramsey running this offense to its full capabilities.  Even on the shorter passes, his ball doesn't get to the WR quick enough, and I don't think he can manage the downfield passing DeBoer wants.
  • Ran a few RPO plays.  I think Tuttle would be more than athletic enough to ran most of what I saw in the first half.  Penix might give a little more advantage in the run game, but it wasn't a heavy emphasis on the QB running.
  • Quite a bit of creativity with the play calling.  Maybe creativity isn't even the right word because they weren't necessarily plays I'd never seen before, but there was a good mix of normal, confident plays and plays that might only get called 3-4 times a season.  It seemed like they used plays to set up other plays too.  Run a WR screen one time, and the next time they fake it and slip the TE out for a wide open touchdown.
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1 hour ago, Leathernecks said:

At this point in the video, one of the announcers say the Ace formation with 2 TE is one of their favorites.

Much like what the Colts did this year....if you can find the right tight ends it's very hard to cover. Thanks for passing this information along. I'm in hoops mood but love getting a jump on what he's bringing. 

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