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Hopefully this comes across the wrong way. I tune into games (hoops or football) for the games. Not the announcers (2 small exceptions Fischer and Gus Johnson). Somewhere in the early 90's or so I felt many at ESPN actually thought they were the show. Not the games itself. Same could be said for reporters in all walks of journalism. I truly tune out most of what they say anymore. 

Clay Travis might have a different style but he's been saying this many, many years. As many continue to cut the chord I expect ESPN to continue reduce payroll. 

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On 10/27/2017 at 9:16 AM, Jerry Lundergaard said:

They'd never get rid of Dakich....would they?

I can't speak to it nationally but I know Dakich has even said himself on air this year that he might be gone eventually. Constant bashing of Colts (right or wrong is a different conversation) has made the folks on 56th st a bit ticked. I'm sure he could do something else so he's not worried about losing local radio gig.

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She gave her personal opinion on a matter, thinking it was private and someone wanting a gotcha moment created controversy with it.  Sounds like someone who hated ESPN to me, but of course, that could be millions of people.

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7 hours ago, TheWatShot said:

Anyone else not see the date on the initial post, then do a double take when they saw a post from milehiiu? 

Yeah, I did a search to find this thread and when I saw him come up I got a warm fuzzy feeling.

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13 hours ago, mrflynn03 said:

People need to have some balls and quit apologizing for everything. It's really annoying.  

It definitely is getting old that is for sure. Rachel Nichols gave her opinion on something in a private coversation, which she might have been right about, so there was nothing to apologize for. 👍

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8 hours ago, bronkonagurski said:

I think Rachel Nichols is hot and I'm sorry for not being sorry about being sorry. 


7 hours ago, Zlinedavid said:

I’m not sorry for also thinking She’s hot

I'm thinking I gotta get my glasses prescription checked...

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