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How Many Wins The Rest of The Way?

How Will IU Finish The Season  

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  1. 1. How Many More Wins Will IU Get The Rest of The Season?

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We've seen IU almost breakthrough multiple times this year, so just curious to see how many more wins you all think the team will get in our 5 remaining regular season games.  I think we should win 4 out of 5, but could easily see us just getting 3.  

Remaining Games:

- IU @ Maryland

- IU vs Wisconsin

- IU @ Illinois

- IU vs Rutgers

- IU @ Purdue

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Yet another FB season in the toilet.  Gotta say I drank the koolaid again this year.  Thought because we were competitive agains top tier teams, we would be able to compete against the lesser competition.  Thought the D would bring us through.  Who would have thought before tonight we would give up 42 points to Maryland using a 3rd string QB?  Unfortunately we seem to be in a circular firing squad this season.  Poor OL play, TO's, Missed passes to wide open receivers, poor special team play, and the stupid Personal Fouls!  We just can't get out of our own way.  I see 2 more losses to Wisc and PU to finish.  Even Rutgers looking like toss up.  Totally disgusted that the Breakthru has become the Breakdown season.   

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I don't see this team being able to win 3 in a row in the B1G this season, no matter who the opponents are. We would have to steal one against Wisconsin for me to feel like we'll make a bowl game.. Which isn't impossible, they aren't a top 5 team to me, look at their schedule.

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11 hours ago, Leathernecks said:

I know its tough to be optimistic after today's crap fest, but we do finish our season with 3 of the worst teams in the conference.  Our special teams and defense both played by far their worst games of the season.  I don't see that happening again.

I still see us winning our last 3 games and going bowling.

They will be fine. But they will be fine off their own efforts, the coaches cost them three games this year already. The Charleston Southern purchase may turn out to be significant. Last year we beat MSU and Maryland with weaker receivers and probably a weaker line and weaker defense (they are all a year older). 

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10 hours ago, Proud2BAHoosier said:

I'm in line with thinking maybe 1 more win (Rutgers?). This team has the capability to play "UP" to their competition, i.e., Ohio State, Mich. Unfortunately, they are also capable of playing "Down" to their competition as well.....

Who have we played down to?  We lost to a team we were favored against by less than a touchdown.  We were on the road, and it was their homecoming.  Sure, we should have won, but it isn't like we were 14 point favorites and lost.

We were 4 point favorites against Virginia and blew them out.  The other two wins were blowouts against awful teams.  The rest of our games we've been underdogs.

9 hours ago, Indykev said:

1 maybe 2. Bill Lynch 2.0

I completely disagree.  We've lost 1 game we were favored to win in Allen's first season.  Plus, if we had a halfway competent offensive coordinator we could easily have won our last 3 games.  I think it's way too early for a comparison like that.

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