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Analyzing IU's Second Exhibition Game

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Mile: The UNIV of Indianapolis is slightly better than Marian [spelled with an "A'" ,vbg] ! However, U of Indy was only 16 & 12 last season ( and they did not play Division 1A competition ) ! They scored a lot of points at 82 points per game , HOWEVER- they GAVE UP 78 points per game last year ! U of Indy does lose a double figure scorer [from last season] who averaged 10.8 PPG last season along with another player who averaged 2.7 points per game last season  [ppg] !!! Maybe ,they will try extra hard because they are going to be playing IU and U  of Indy does have TWELVE players from the State Of INDIANA ! The only real question that I have concerning the University of Indianapolis is ::: How good is the 6'8" Redshirt Freshman ,Keegan Northern , from Martinsville , Indiana , going to bee this season ??

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HTD.  Did not know Univ of Indianapolis carried so many Indiana kids.  It does make sense though.  It will be good to see that many Hoosiers on the floor.

The kid from Martinsville, intrigues me.  Remember when I was at IU, and was not allowed to have a car on campus.  Taking the Greyhound bus back to Gary for weekends. We would leave Bloomington, and almost immediately stop in Martinsville.  Then, no stops from there until we got to Gary. 

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