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Knight Moving Back to Bloomington

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44 minutes ago, Billingsley99 said:

Very well said. I really would like to see coach at least 1 more time. Hear a story that he has shared many a time and share that with Ayden. People can say what they want love or hate the man but some people we encounter are just bigger than life and Coach was one of those people to me. I shared with Ayden a story coach shared about drinking his Arnold Palmer and now that is Ayden's favorite drink. He was at a used book store and bought me a copy of a book about Coach Knight and was so excited to give it to me. I did not have the heart to tell him I have 2 other copies of it. Coach was for lack of a better word as hero in my eyes and then Ayden came along and HE became my true HERO. Would love for Ayden to meet Coach even if to just say hi

That's a great story! That book I'm sure will always be treasured no matter how many times you read it...and who knows maybe if you run into coach he would be able to sign it for you guys! Hopefully you two will have many many more IU memories you can enjoy over a couple Arnie's! 

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4 hours ago, Hoosier51 said:

Dakich would be the authority on being an ass. Nothing wrong with Knight wearing an Army Bball shirt.

I think in RMK's mind he is no longer associated with Indiana University, but has embraced the basketball program.  In general I'm OK with that.  It was his period of turning his back on the players and team that rubbed me the wrong way and that seems to be water under the bridge now.

As one who is inherently cynical about large institutions (corporations, education, governments) I think there's plenty to be disenchanted with -  Miles Brand, BOT, etc specifically.  

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On 10/25/2021 at 11:36 AM, Billingsley99 said:

Thanks for sharing.  Happy Birthday Coach!!

If I remember you spent some time with Coach Knight. 

I attended his basketball camps and had some limited one on one time when my dad would take me to Assembly Hall.

My dad was persistent and wouldn't take no for an answer. I guess Bobby respected that because he gave us a tour of his office and the locker rooms ect.  My dad must have been a bigger ass than I remember to make that happen. 




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2 minutes ago, Seeking6 said:

This photo....wow. I was worried about Coach Knight when he made his first return. This looks like a guy with an intent eye on something. Thank you Dolson, Woodson....and everyone else who is working with IU right now. Growing year for sure but I see some hardware coming to this operation in years to come. 

2.5 years ago I never thought I’d ever see a photo like this. I can’t believe it’s a reality to have Knight attending practices. Get the  hardware and I can pitch you the next great 30 for 30

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On 10/28/2021 at 6:40 PM, southsidehoosier said:



Coach looks so at peace there, and Coach Woodson 's smile is so genuine...

Of course I can't help but hear Coach saying, "Dammit Michael, that's no way to get on a kid's @ss. Christ, Patrick... Hell even ALFORD could get on a kid's @ss better than that! "

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