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Howard Game Thread


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39 minutes ago, 5fouls said:

Will IU rebound with a solid effort?

More importantly, how many Bison are there actually in Washington D.C.?

You'd be surprised. There is prime grazing land in the Inner Loop. 

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Just listened to Archie on the radio pregame.  That guy sure does instill confidence when you hear him speak about the team.

He said he was pleased with Durham and that Rojo and Newkirk have to play better.

He also said we are a better team than we showed against ISU.  That made me feel better to hear him say it because he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would throw that out there if he didn't believe it.

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Just listening to Pre-game.  Blamed poor outcome against ISU mostly due to poor Offense.  CAM had great praise for Durham.  Specifically called out Rojo and Newark.  Watching them specifically for leadership.  Based on that I'm thinking we see a starting lineup:

Rojo, Newkirk, Morgan, Davis, Durham.

Trying to bring his Seniors around in a more positive manner but on a short leash.  

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