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What will it take for IU to make the Top 25

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This thread can go dormant for a while.

I for 1 am perfectly fine with not being ranked. Maybe we will develop a little chip on our shoulders 

i still say when people keep saying they don't care if we're ranked year after year it sounds like loser mentality.  yeah, we want to win the conference, get in the tourney, all that.  if you're doing

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15 minutes ago, 5fouls said:

Are we getting any votes now?  If not, I don't know that 3 more home wins will be enough.

We play Florida St on Tuesday, 12/3, then at Wisconsin Saturday, 12/7. So I don’t know if a FSU win would be enough, but it’s a moot point - undefeated with winning both those games means ranked on 12/9; splitting means unranked on 12/9; and I don’t think there’s a path to being ranked prior to that week. 

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i like the question though.  i was thinking the same thing.  we're not even getting votes, so we definitely need some more wins to even get close.  i keep hoping for more and more losses of teams in the lower 20-25 and teams getting votes which obviously happens quite a bit.  if things fall right with the right teams losing and we get through FSU, maybe we'll be close?

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17 hours ago, NotIThatLives said:

Fsu is 26 ap and 28 coaches.  They play Tennessee right before us.  If fsu beats ut they are certainly in the top 25 when they show up to Bloomington.   Being that we have Wisconsin in the same week, beat them both and we are easily in.  

Speaking of Tennessee, they were under the radar heading into this season.

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30 minutes ago, NY hoosier said:

I know it doesn’t matter at this time of year, but it’s more fun when we are ranked

Not only that. But being able to be listed in local newspapers as one of the top 25 upcoming games. Outside of that... the papers tend to ignore the teams out of the top 25.... that is papers not in Indiana.

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