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Hey HSN!  By popular demand we are starting a women's basketball pinned thread here in the General Basketball Discussion.  We feel that the women's team deserves a more prominent spot that "other spor

Snowing must be Mile's son when it comes to this board. Two outstanding highly respected contributing members. Thanks to both of them for everything they contribute.

Per ESPN... Indiana has been ranked for all nine weeks this season after only being in the poll for six total weeks before 2019.

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Go Hoosiers!

PS:  FKIM, I posted this the same way on the Others Sports forum ... paste, enter, type Go Hoosiers to complete my closure, hit enter or save.  It posted, but not with the picture of the tweet; in fact, it did not even recognize as a link (you will have to copy and paste the link to open).  Sometimes it works and at times, not so much.  All of this was done with the same copy and paste action.  I even tried to edit by clearing and redoing to no avail.  Please advise if you know why the difference in the process as I agree, this is the best presentation.  Thanks much.  Best to you.

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