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IUWBB head to Maryland on road swing (BTN)

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After a slow start because of failure to handle MD's pressure (down 8-0), the Hoosiers battle back into the game by 1st Qtr end. CTM has gone 10 deep (6 playing 10+ minutes). TOs continued to haunt IU early in the 2nd Qtr. and MD built an 13 pt lead (18-3 run). Patberg has the long assist. With only 6 pt in the Qtr, IU finds itself down 34-21. GBR!

Penn - 7 pt, Berger - 6 pt & Gulbe - 6 rb

Go Hoosiers!

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IU's woes continue in the 3rd Qtr and the O never seems to get going; the 4th Qtr showed no improvement and produced a 76-62  loss.  UMD dominated inside play tonight.  Tough game for IU!
Berger - 21 pt
Patberg - 15 pt, 5 ast & 4 stl
Holmes - 8 pt & 6 rb
Gulbe - 8 rb
Go Hoosiers!
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