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I love Chris Ballard an uncomfortable amount.  What a treat after the Grigson years.


I like it...

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Just now, Seeking6 said:

All I got on that one is wow and just awesome. Reich showed balls of steel executing the 4th and 4 and after that.....it went all hells balls backward crazy. 

Awesome win for the Colts!

Well if they tried the FG it would have been a 52 yard kick and the kicker was just short on a 50 yard earlier in the game.

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Those refs all need to be fined. No way all of those holding penalties on the Colts were legit. 


The Colts always seem to get trash officials when they play the Packers. During the Manning years, I remember a game in Green Bay where the Packers tried a surprise onside kick, it went out of bounds after 8 yards, and after a lengthy discussion, the refs inexplicably let them re-kick. The Colts were also flagged at least 15 times in that game, then didn't get flagged at all the following week. 


Anyway, that five penalties in five plays sequence was a reminder of why I don't watch a lot of NFL games anymore. 

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