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A different take on DG

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58 minutes ago, Zville Hoosier said:

This guy says CAM should be running more stuff for DG and this season depends on it. Not sure I agree, but it is clear to see that we’re a completely different team when he’s hitting. 

Yeah, not sure I agree with that take. I know Devonte was 1-7 in the Michigan game, but we got beat Sunday on the defensive end of the floor...you let teams shoot 57% from the field and 53% from 3 pt range, you're not going to win much...

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I didn't read the article, but I do think Green could be a decent player in a different system.  I think somebody like an Arkansas where he could just jack up 10 threes a game, and he would be a much different player.  I don't necessarily want him doing that for us because we don't have a team built around doing that, but he needs a team that can get out and run and has a permanent green light.

I also think some of his passes don't work because the rest of the team is trying to play smarter, more conservative basketball.  He might see an opening and the guy he's trying to get it to isn't looking to be that aggressive.  Having said that, he also makes a lot of passes that are just really bad haha.

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Best way to go about playing Green, would be to give him one segment in the 1st half between tv timeouts and same thing in the 2nd half.  If he is hitting his shots, taking what the game gives him, bringing the effort on defense, keep playing him. If he is forcing the issue, turning it over and not competing on D, bench him and see what he does the next half. Sure, he can hurt you if bad Devonte shows up, but you have to take the risk and see if he catches fire, especially with the offensive droughts we go through. I would like to see Archie play Devonte at the same time as Durham and Phinisee for a stretch. Maybe also have Jerome or Race at 4 and TJD, Brunk, or Deron at the 5.  The lineup would give more room to operate in the post and provide 3-4 guys who can knock down an open 3.    

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IMO...which means zilch...I'd use Devonte as a spot up shooter. Run him off several screens get him some good looks. If you get him rolling...you run with him...if he isn't...you get him out of the game. His defense is subpar compared to Rob and Armaan. I definitely would never use him as the primary ball handler...he eats up way way too much clock dribbling and makes too many bad decisions. Honestly....if he was used like his brother....he probably would be a decent player. Danny Green has never created his own shot...plays better defense...but is a 3pt specialist and spot up shooter. Since we really don't run an offense that does that...he just doesn't work well out there unless he just gets white hot (probably a handful of times a year). He is a liability the rest of the time. He does seem to have a little bit of an attitude adjustment needed from time to time but I don't think he is a bad kid at all. His game just doesn't work best under Archie. The other issue....we only have 4 guards on the team including him...he has to get minutes to keep guys fresh and out of foul trouble.

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