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TJD CBS Freshman of the week! Also listed as 6th best freshman.


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3 minutes ago, dbmhoosier said:

Don't listen to them Trayce.  They're all wrong.  You need 3 more years!!!

Forget the National FPOBY.  Set your sights high Trayce.  Go for National player of the year.  Next year, or if not, the year after. An honor that will stay with you the rest of your life.

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Well deserved, he’s been absolutely fantastic all season... Has honestly had a better season than Romeo did last year.

Looking at this list, it’s also kind of interesting that we were pretty heavily involved with Nnaji, Stewart, and Ramsey at some time or another, with Ramsey and Nnaji being somewhat under the radar recruits.

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14 hours ago, GaloisGroupe said:

I will be happy if we get 1 more year

I would be very surprised if TJD goes pro after this year, no matter how far we go on the win side.

Don't get me wrong, I think he's incredible. I saw him at Peach Jam 2 years ago, and thought he was special at 17 years old. Man among boys.

But...from my viewpoint, he needs to develop his right hand, develop a mid range shot, and put on some more muscle. I've yet to see him finish with his right hand on any shot (unlike Brunk & Race), he isn't confident in his mid range game (yet), and he tends to get pushed around by guys like Cockburn, Garza, Williams. Yes, he is a Freshman, and he's doing far better than I thought he would, but I just don't see him going pro yet.

And I hope he's thinking "I think we can get a banner before I leave".

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  • TRAYCE JACKSON-DAVIS COMING BACK: Indiana freshman sensaton Trayce Jackson-Davis tells Sports Illustrated Indiana that he will "most definitely'' be back in Bloomington for his sophomore season. CLICK HERE

This was in the Lander article Milehi posted in the Lander thread.

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