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58 minutes ago, FKIM01 said:

The short answer is no.  I want to keep the incentive for innovation high in light of the Chinese bio-war threat.  If we are going to allocate taxpayer dollars foolishly, I'd rather overpay for defensive medicine research for this threat, because I only see it getting bigger after China has seen the havoc they've created.

Oh I agree I want innovation high but innovate against what??? You have to have a realized threat to know what your innovating towards.  Do you think Big Pharma is going to put that money into drugs and vaccines with no realized need? Imaginary threats? Especially when the govt does most of the funding for studying such things?? Drug companies are only going to produce products with a means at producing a profit. When the govt is willing to bank roll you and provide you all the data and research on the disease and buy up your drugs up front even if it doesn't work...why would you create drugs with no use? You don't even know what your creating for? Or are you saying putting those funds back into Govt agencies like the CDC and HHS etc to be better prepared and study emerging threats? I just don't see drug companies putting money into something that might not earn them a buck. They will be right back at square 1 when the next super virus comes along. Maybe I'm just not reading you correctly.

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