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HSN Memory Lane Thread

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So great to see you here Jaybob! I was part of the old HSN and found this site. I don’t post much but read and soak up all the great information shared by the posters here as well as on BtownBanners! I’ve been a fan of IU basketball back when I was growing up on Oahu and my dad introduced me to Bobby Knight and IU. Loved Craighoops and was sad to hear he passed. I now live in Indiana and love cheering the team on. Someday I hope to attend a game at Assembly Hall. I’ve often wondered about Government Cheese, Wafflehead Fred, GoColts and so many others. So glad for milehi and cc and this site!  

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4 hours ago, JaybobHoosier said:

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to say hi to everyone, but to also see who’s still around from the old HSN and Scout days! Miss you all, and I miss the days of spending so many countless hours on this forum! 
What’s everyone up to these days? I do think we need to have a meet up for a football or basketball game next season! 

For me, I keep busy at the church playing bass (emergency drummer) in our worship band, along with being a youth leader. Always been active in church, and glad to be a member of a great church here in SW St. Louis area. 

I now have two boys, oldest almost being 3 and the youngest is 6 months. I coached youth baseball here for 6 years, but decided to step away a year ago because I felt needed more at home. Miss coaching like crazy, but I know I will be back in it soon once my boys get older.

Glad to see the IU program in a better place right now, and feel like the future is bright (except if we play awful this week and I will change my stand for the millionth time this year lol). Archie is about to explode on the recruiting trail with a huge 2021 class. Can’t wait to see how it unfolds!

Anyway, how is everyone doing and what have you all been up to? I’ve also started cooking a lot now, not just a griller lol. 

Are you still dodging my offer to fight in the Bishop Dwenger parking lot? 🤣


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