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#20 IUWBB preps for B10 Tourney (BTN)

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  • snowling changed the title to #20 IUWBB preps for B10 Tourney (BTN)
#4 seed Indiana handles the #5 seed Rutgers in the B10 Tourney; win 78-60.  GBR!  IU leads most of the contest start to finish, much of the time by double digits.  CTM used 11 players in the effort this afternoon; 3 finish in double digit points.  IU survives 2 half PF issues.
Patberg - 28pt & 9rb
Penn - 12pt
Gulbe - 15pt & 7rb
Berger - 11pt, 5ast & 7rb
Go Hoosiers!
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1. Patiberg was on fire first half, about 20 points.

2. Penn hurt her ankle. She did come back in the game but was clearly limping. She has to play Saturday at 6.

3. Grace Waggoner is getting far more minutes the last few games than prior. Some of this is Bendu leaving but I think she may just be earning playing time via quality of her practice. She is a walk on.

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