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On the Stupidity and/or Greed of a 20-game conference season

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Other than additional revenue or ignorance, there seems to be little reason for extending the conference basketball season to 20 games.  First, it puts the conference at a competitive disadvantage if other power conferences don't join the trend, which they will not.  The additional two games could be used for quality opponents, or at least competitive opponents at the Hall.

Secondly, what can't be determined in 18 games?  If a balanced schedule was a concern, perhaps adding 47 schools to the conference wasn't the best idea.

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I don't mind the 20 because our conference champs have had a tiny * next to it for about more than a decade purely based on how the schedule plays out. Looking forward to seeing how they schedule it though. This also means that either 2 cupcakes will be gone or some tough scheduling decisions will have to be made. 

Only thing I hope the conference looks at is reducing the number of 1 day turnaround between games. I think we have 4 this year.

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1 hour ago, CampHoosier said:

It may have been said in jest, but the comment about adding more teams intrigues me. We WHIFFED on Rutgers but added two solid programs in Maryland and Nebraska. Who could we possibly add? Pitt? Boston College? Will the Big 12 go belly up? 

I don't think ACC teams are going to jump. I'd love to add Kansas and Vanderbilt, not sure we could talk Vandy into leaving the SEC but they just don't seem to fit in with that conference. 

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