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4 minutes ago, Leathernecks said:

I don't know if I feel quite that strongly, but I don't really disagree with the main idea either.  He could have slid to guard, still started, and probably positioned himself better for the draft.  For Ramsey, there's only 1 QB position on the field at a time, so his made sense.  Cronk's was the equivalent of a kid not getting to play QB in a pickup game, so he took his ball and left.

I understand not feeling that strongly, but he was voted a team captain. I don’t feel like (from the outside) he was "all in". Could certainly be wrong though. Just doesn't add up to me. 

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We have a chance to be very solid next season, we have as much experience defensively as we've ever had.  DL Head, Robbins, Ziemba, Bryant, Sio, Johnson, Jones, King, Elliot- Experience, sol

Here you go. Get more excited.  

Micah McFadden is the highest rated linebacker in the B1G and the 3rd highest rated in the country by Pro Football Focus.

Posted Images

Check this out. Love CTA and what he is building.  It's for real. LEO!

Thank you Michael Penix for coming here. Yeah, you will be an IU FB legend. Love all these guys. We have a TEAM. A family.  Keep fighting and winning!

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11 hours ago, KDB said:

I play cards with an Ohio St football alum and former All American. I'll say this. IU probably got Kerry Coombs fired on Saturday. He was telling me last night he's never been this upset with a defense, their scheme....how Wade is used and honestly he isn't as good as he thinks he is. Had so many positive things to say about Penix thoroughly outplaying Fields. 

I told him it's the first time ever I remember looking at the game and not seeing the usual talent discrepancy. He agreed all day and he said he couldn't believe how much we have coming back from this team again. He did mention something I'm sure we'll all have to get used to dealing with....time to up the contract on Allen. 

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Just now, Seeking6 said:

Ok...someone with the rules help me out. Is Ohio St still involved in Big Ten East world or does IU control our fate because we have handled our business on and off the field?

Still in the game, if they have to cancel next week they will be Ineligible for Big 10 championship game, however IU still needs to win out in my opinion. Though the eligible could change if an entire weekend is cancelled

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