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19 hours ago, Coach Robby said:

Pretty solid lefty in the post...we just beat them last Friday night in sectional semi-finals. I don't see him being big ten caliber to this point. More likely a MAC school or like an IWU type player (nothing wrong with that btw)

Indeed nothing wrong with that. And with the way bigs can sometimes develop a little more slowly and be harder to evaluate/predict how they will turn out even if he goes that route and blows up he may be the next Brunk transfer etc. Really encouraged this staff seems to have a pretty good pulse on the state of HS basketball in Indiana and making connections with so many staffs. Archie doing some good stuff on the recruiting trail. Never know what you might uncover turning over every stone.

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I’m with coach Robbie ...I’ve had the opportunity to see this kid four times ( at least once each fresh soph and junior ).  It’s not had to have a line in the water just in case because he has things that can’t be taught such as size and an unusually soft touch.  What has concerned me each year he’s played has been his lack of aggression on the offensive end and, worst, his overall conditioning.  He struggled getting up and down the floor if he had to run on multiple possessions.  Right now as is big 10 posts would run circles around him.  If he works with someone to get in top notch shape and continues to develop he could be a solid player 

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