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Most enjoyable DRIVING roads you drove on.

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Blue ridge parkway. Traveled a road once that went from Durango to Gunnison Colorado.  Passed by neatest little town called Silverton and through Ooray.  Cant remember the road number though.

An interactive map of the least traveled roads in each state.  Just the way I like my roads, empty. Link

Most Incredible Road to Drive in each State. Been on several of these! https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/tripideas/the-most-incredible-road-to-drive-in-every-state/ss-BB156k6N?OCID=ems.display.wel

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2 minutes ago, Hoosierhoopster said:

All the better to speed on... 

You do realize that traffic accidents have gotten crazy during CV19 as the lack of traffic is causing people to go faster! I guess it’s only human nature! Stay safe HSN!

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43 minutes ago, Hoosierhoopster said:

I didn’t say I was smart 


You remind me of my friend at work driving his Beamer, had a tech guy in helping us install some new equipment. As we’re nearing the restaurant for lunch he comments on my friends driving! Let’s just say us being in the back seat without our seatbelts on the Tech ended up in my lap as we slid into the parking spot sideways! I told the tech not to challenge him again!

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