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Archie's Introductory Press Conference

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Good article. Regarding scheduling, I wish the league went back to 18 conference games.  At one point, they were playing with 16.  These are two extremes. 

Money is powerful but why not lighten the load a bit so the teams don’t get run ragged.  Let’s face it, this is a very physical league.  And by taking out two games, it introduces the opportunity to schedule non-conference games where we might get a look at athletes and styles outside our league.  

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Good article and the photo cracked me up LOL

Vic and Archie look like they were in cahoots on sending a subtle message with this photo and the visible message on his upside down backward hoodie!

I would say coincidence but the chance that they knew the players would see it was probably not lost in the moment.- If I had to wage a guess. 





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