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HSN March Madness - Day 12 - Games 45 & 46

HSN March Madness - Day 12 - Games 45 & 46  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

    • 1963 Indiana Hoosiers
    • 1982 Indiana Hoosiers
  2. 2. Who wins?

    • 2011 Indiana Hoosiers
    • 1979 Indiana Hoosiers

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The 2nd round concludes...

Day 12 of the 64 years/teams of IU Basketball Tournament

Vote for the team you think would win

Each day (Mon-Fri) will have 4 games and the polls will be open for 48 hours. I will try to post the new day’s games at noon EST.

HSN members are encouraged to debate, discuss memories of the teams involved in today’s matchup, post links to videos/games, etc. before voting on that day’s matchups.

Today’s Bracket:


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In the first game, Ted Kitchel grumbled about the lighting in the arena.  Then he grumbled about the locker rooms.  And, he complained about the pre-game music.  He also didn't like how short his shorts were.  Finally, he was upset because the Van Arsdales kept rooting him out of the post.  Didn't matter.  '82 won anyway.




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In an ironic twist during the 2nd half of the 2nd game, Tom Crean complained that Bob Knight was clapping too much.  Knight responded with a different hand gesture and referee Teddy Valentine had to play peacemaker.  

'79 wins.

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