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Right now, I will take good D and bad shooting for ROJO. He’s been playing damn good D on Allen!

I Agree,  I have no desire to bash CTC.  We did have some success during his tenure.  But he was found to have a ceiling lower than than that which IUBB fans would accept and thus he had to go.  I wis

Dude watch the game ROJO I playing really good D. It’s not always about the offense! He’s played a damn good game all around. He’s missed some open shots, but made some tough shots too!

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25 minutes ago, iuthruandthru said:

Student section whiteout or entire game?  I didn’t see any info about to leave for the game  and have a red shirt on lol

There are things hanging on the chairs in the bowls.  Can't make them out.  Don't look like the t's in the student section. Looks like the signs that the Crimson Guard is holding.


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At least we don't have to worry about the MI game going into overtime. 

And with them getting blown out, I'm going with the likelihood that improves the chances of a close game at IU. (I know there is no correlation, but work with me. I'm trying to find a positive spin) 

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I passed up some reasonably priced tickets tonight because I have a very sick  four year old boy with a stomach virus.  When my wife and I were tucking him in our bed because he insisted on being near us tonight the last thing he said to me was, "Daddy, record the game for me."  Come on, Hoosiers, win this one for my boy.

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2 minutes ago, Parakeet Jones said:

I was listening to the pregame show and he didn't beat around the bush, he said this was done to cut down on turnovers.

And to try and get off to a faster start. Also for ball security, and more size.

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