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Fox Sports Greatest Fans Bracket

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I don’t know if you guys follow Twitter, but Fox Sports is doing a bracket putting the nations best fans against each other in a tourney style bracket. IU is currently into the sweet 16, but face a tough UMBC matchup. You all should get on and vote for the HOOSIERS!

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4 minutes ago, FKIM01 said:

Kind of fun seeing teams being voted against...

Kentucky barely ahead of Illinois

Tennessee beating Kansas

and Murray State crushing North Carolina.

Too bad not enough people voting against Turdue.

Unfortunately, Big Blue Nation will probably find a way to win the whole thing.  They are likely the root of all the other 'upsets' we are seeing.  On big 3 million strong mass of inbred humanity with a twitter account.  

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38 minutes ago, AshtonHershey said:

We're going down to UMBC.

I don't consider that going down.  Think of all of our fans who did not have to waste time logging in to vote over and over for what amounts to nothing.  We already know we have a good fanbase and frankly, Twitter is something I flat out refuse to sign up for.

Speaking of contests like this, anyone remember a similar contest for an IU cheerleader named Megan on the old Peegs site?  Indiana fans helped break that contest by voting for that girl in droves.  These type of things always remind me of that.

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