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32 minutes ago, Billingsley99 said:

Ayden bought one at an auction and we dug out some old cassettes and just for fun. I showed him how to splice one. He thought  it was cool for a day

I remember having a stereo where you could make mix tapes and record songs off the radio.

I remember spending hours just trying to put my favorite songs on a cassette.

Don't get me start on 8 tracks.  My dad had one in his garage and a giant collection of tapes. Halfway through a favorite song and...pull it out and flip over to finish. 

Also, my grandma had a Betamax and a rotary phone.

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Okay, I kid with my friend and neighbor because of my Russian connection. If he ever sees a black SUV go by warn me! Just had two black SUV's go by and then seconds later turn around and go by again. If I don't make it to work Monday you'll know why! 

What are you laughing at I’m serious!!

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