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17 hours ago, Leathernecks said:

I took a trip to the Mississippi coast a couple years ago and caught this thing. I thought it was going to fly away.


Caught one in Virginia beach and another in Key West. They are poisonous, if you get stuck by one it will swell you up.  Dont ask how I know.😟

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Anyone fly fish? I don’t fish except I’ve fly fished now and then, and love it. It’s the standing out in a scenic stream / woods that I love, and fly fishing is a blast. 

I don’t hike nearly as much as I’d like anymore. Love California - Lake Tahoe area, just the scenery is amazing. No pics there but here are some from Puerto Rico - rainforest 






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I fly fished once. Couple years ago was out in Yellowstone and heard it was going to be during the salmonflies hatch and we should go fly fishing. Booked a morning trip on the Madison river  (pic below) in MT. Spectacular scenery.  We fished from boat but it was at the tail end of the hatch. By the time I was finally getting proficient, our time was up. Had 1 strike but didn't land it. 



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11 hours ago, JaybobHoosier said:

Been awhile since thins picture was taken, but it was a good day back in Southern IL. Caught about 6 of them 4lbs and up. The lake we were at, decent fishing but never known for big bass.


I notice the bobber in the lower right corner.  Were you "bobber fishing" for them?

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I have offered before but I will throw it out there again.  If anyone wants to fish a 25 acre private lake just get a hold of me.  About 5 miles SE of Warsaw.  Bass, crappie, bluegill, redear, and the occasional perch.  It does have a boat ramp.  

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4 hours ago, mrflynn03 said:

Anyone been whitewater rafting?  I've been once, on the New River in West Virginia.  Would like to go again someday. 

I went once, a few years ago,  on the Snake River outside of Jackson Hole. Had a blast! Water was a bit high which tamed some of the rapids. Will go again whenever the opportunity presents itself. Tried to go in AZ once but the water levels were not high enough. https://www.rafting.com/wyoming/jackson-hole/

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Tammy and I made it back to the lake bright and early.  Bad news was my buddy's pontoon was blocking the boat ramp.  Good news is I used it.  Blue bird skies but chilly at 54 degrees with a slight wind out of the East.  Brought home 14 crappie and gills.  I did catch a bass as well.  Was home well before noon.  Here are some pics:









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