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Peyton Ramsey liked winning at Purdue so much last year, he transferred to Northwestern so he could do it again. 

Gotta pull for Mr. Ramsey to knock off the Toiletmakers.

I am gratefully awaiting Indiana University Football again ! Hope nothing details this from actually happening. Heard on the radio that Eli Lilly has a drug in effect that shortens recovery time ! Let

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1 minute ago, 5 championships said:

They are still rolling out all kinds of 4 and 5 star talent. And PSU was different team until we and OSU broke their will. They packed it in after that. 

I like the divisions because it makes us have to be better.  We are 4-1 now and if we played over there and had to play UW we probably would still be 4-1

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4 minutes ago, btownqb said:

Everything holds.. should get Iowa, right, in week 9?

That would be my guess.  If we win next week, we're guaranteed 2nd in the East.  NW will probably be 1st in the West, and Iowa and Wisconsin will probably play for 2nd and 3rd the last week of the season.  OSU vs. NW, Wisconsin vs whoever finishes best out of Rutgers, Maryland, and MSU (they'll have played us and UM), and we would get Iowa.

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So, not sure if this is exactly what happened or not, but going to try to decipher it.  After the kick, they show Harbaugh and another coach talking to Nordin.  Nordin kind of had a "what the hell, that wasn't my fault" look on his face.  A few seconds later, they go back to Nordin, and it sure looked like he yelled "do your ******* job!"

Not sure if he was talking to one of the coaches or the players, but in my mind he was yelling it at Harbaugh.  I think every Michigan fan has been yelling that at Harbaugh all season.

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