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National Scene 2020(Not B1G)

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Just now, dgambill said:

My issue with ND is they are at their best when they can run the ball. I don’t think they will be able to against Clemson...who will make them one dimensional and I don’t think Book can beat them on his arm alone. 


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Wonderful post

A 3 loss team should not be ahead of IU

only if we could get them to take Rutgers and Maryland with them.

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16 minutes ago, rico said:

And the BC crumble starts....

Yep...they made the most of every mistake Clemson made in the first half but if Clemson plays a good second half no way they hold on. Just don’t make the big mistakes. Also the qb is settling in....but he is still making his best throws to his right.

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1 hour ago, Seeking6 said:

I'm going to have to start paying a bit more attention but this Coastal Carolina team is really good. They will beat somebody in a bowl game this year and people will be like who/what??

Pretty impressive it being only their 3rd year as an FCS school.   They were always a solid team before moving up though.  Small school atmosphere with nice facilities and close to the beach is an easy sell to recruits to.  My daughter is a CCU grad.

Fun Coastal fact... the football stadium is Brooks Stadium.  Named for the kids of Robert Brooks(cofounder of Hooters).  

Go Hoosiers!!!


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7 hours ago, TheWatShot said:

Why I don't watch much NFL anymore:

Scoring play with seconds left in the quarter


Kickoff, touchback


One play, quarter ends


Next play, injury


I didn’t realize how annoying this was until I went to my first games live. I went to a Tennessee vs Georgia game and was like wow there are a lot of stoppages. Then I went to a colts and bengals game and was like now I know why a 60 minute game takes 3.5 hours. Gave me more beer breaks though so I wasnt complaining at the time. 

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