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3 hours ago, IUwins0708 said:

I’ve never said he wasn’t good enough, I just said he doesn’t jump out at you when watching.  Not every recruit needs to be a star.  The right roles players are as important as your star.  Not saying Gunn is or isn’t going to be a star. I love getting Indiana kids, that’s what I’ve missed most over the past coaches tenure.

Steve Eyl, Wayne Radford, Jim Crews, Jim Thomas and Joe Hillman. IUwins hit the nail on the head!

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"We need Indiana kids." "We have to recruit Indiana" "Close the borders" We are most likely getting an Indiana kid and now it seems people are saying he isn't good enough. Labeled me co

I'd be shocked if CJ wasn't a Hoosier. In regards to Jalen, I WISH we could land him, but MSU will be tough to beat here.....with Purdue having a little chance also.

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5 hours ago, Southern IN Hoosier said:

I am not disagreeing with you at all, but just stating what some people on this board have said. Archie has got Indiana kids and now people are saying he isn't good enough.

People love to see Indiana kids but more so they want to see impact players on the court. Simply put we don’t have enough of those on the roster...and it is pretty full of Indiana kids. Our teams that have won conference championships have had multiple impact players on them. Right now we have 1....maybe 2 on nights Armaan is on. Trayce will be gone very soon. We need that next alpha. Maybe Gunn will be that...right now though he doesn’t even jump off the screen in HS...so that has some concerned.

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