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On 5/30/2022 at 9:36 PM, BGleas said:

Did you get over to Mr. Bartley's for a burger?

We did not, we did Boston Burger company and Cheers. Ayden didnt know about the concert but the day of concert was alsp graduation so it was crazy.The Norm Burger from Cheers


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I have two boys right now, and we are trying for a 3rd (no, @5fouls is not the father). Ages are 5 and almost 3. Having two boys have been a challenge, a lot of chaos and fighting at the house lol. 

My wife and I recently created a daily activity chart to try and see if a set routine would help, especially with our oldest. Dudes got a pretty bad attitude at times, but this morning was our best morning to date. He did his morning routine without issue, and was going above and beyond to help out with other stuff. Also had his best t-ball game this past Tuesday. Yes, he had his best hitting day, but also just overall attitude and having fun. He didn’t play in the dirt, and helped his friends out in the field. Hoping this daily activity chart will be a huge help.

Now, for more of the fun stuff. Anyone have any funny public restroom incidents/conversations with the little ones? About a year ago, I took my oldest to the men’s room and we used the same stall as it was a busy bathroom. Out of no where he looks over and says loudly, “Wow Dad, you have a big penis!” 🤦‍♂️😁😬 Laughtererupted…… Also, if anyone farts in a public restroom myson has to announce it that someone did. Lol. Boys and farts! 

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2 minutes ago, IUFLA said:


My son in law bought this 2002 Jeep for my daughter to Jeep around in... He put a different motor in it and made a few other modifications... 


Very nice. Mine is very basic a 1997 and yesterday we broke the 200K miles on our trip. Wife is looking to get a new Purple 4 door this fall. Jeep therapy is right up there with beach therapy for sure. 

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