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17 minutes ago, DWB said:

Obviously, I don't have any first hand knowledge of what occurred. But if the worst thing he said to a player was "get back on your horse", then this PC crap has gone luney tunes! Kids talk smack everyday far worse than this. Hell, I give my friends more $hit than this all the time.

Nowhere did I see he called a black guy a "N-word". 

Physical abuse is something completely different. If he's punching guys like Woody Hayes, then yeah, he needs to go. But verbal stuff?...give me a break. That's part of making someone mentally tough.

"Mentally tough" today means you can blink back the tears when they tell you they've ran out of veggie wraps at Chipotle.

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3 minutes ago, ATX_sig said:

CBS has put Beilein at the top of the list.  I forgot about him and makes sense for WSU. Beilein?

A good to great coach. However, I would have to think the concerns about his health would keep John out of coaching.  At least as a HC.

Cavs news: John Beilein cites health reasons for resignation

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