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59 minutes ago, HooASUier said:

whaaat! Will this be a weekly thing? I already have plans for this game


Same for this week. I tried going to a IU Phoenix Alumni Association gamewatch for a game last year, in downtownTempe, but the bar couldn’t get the game so we left. I don’t think they held another one.  Would love if these continued throughout the season 

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16 hours ago, Colonialcrester said:

The bar is also next to White Castle!!! 

Color me jealous. 

Not many of them around. Mrs. mile had there lunch today.  And checking this new fangelled thing, called the inter web.  I found there is one in Scottsdale. Not far from Phoenix.  Kind of pricey.  But great food.

May I suggest for your next meet up :

The White Chocolate Grill

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20 hours ago, Colonialcrester said:

Anybody living in Phoenix, a couple of us are meeting at noon at Backyards in Phoenix.

The more the merrier!


Think it's great people do this. One of my favorite out of town IU basketball experiences was with IU Fan Club at a bar in San Diego during Watford/Zeller years. Was really impressed how my IU fans were out that way.

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I can't help get my mind off the fact that there is a White Castle in Arizona.  I know of at least two in Nevada.  But Arizona ? 

White Castles to the East of me.  White Castles to the West of me.   But none in Colorado.  Come on WC !

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