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Bottom line, as always, we got the win.  We just about ruined Penn State's season.  They had visions of a national championship and we crushed that dream.  Kinda makes me happy... happier than they ar

Thought it was a good time to change my avatar pic.

I am so still on cloud f'ing 9!!!!!!

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After looking at it too many times, the ball crossed the plane before the tip hit the ground, which was before the ball touched the pylon.  Therefore, 2 pt conversion good!  End of story.

As for the rest of the game:

Offense so so.  Maybe partially due to PSU having a good defense.  However, Penix seemed off, at least to me, basically all game.  His passes were either rushed or too flat.  He missed numerous wide open receivers from early through mid 4th quarter.  Maybe it was rust.  Also, I don't know if they are taking it easy with him because of last year's injury, but other than the two 2 pt conversions, he never ran around before throwing and never actually tried to run the ball.  That is one of his strengths.  He should not be just a drop back passer.  I expect him to be much better going forward.  Same with Scott and the running game.  They should do much better this week against Rutgers, who gave up something like 28 points despite grabbing 7 turnovers.  That won't happen against IU.

Defense still needs work.  Several new players there.  However, they never gave up a long downfield pass.  Hope that keeps up.  Must stop the run and keep QB's in check.

Overall, the team played well enough to keep the game close, even though they had some help from PSU.  Hope they get better.

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