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Where will we be ranked?

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8 in AP 

My slightly biased case that IU should be #5 or #6 in the CFP ranking. The top 4 are pretty clear IMO. That next group i think we could make an argument that Indiana is the best of that group. Te

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Full rankings 

25. Tulsa 

24. Iowa 

23. Oklahoma State 

22. Auburn 

21. Marshall 

20. Costal Carolina 

19. North Carolina 

18. Southern California 

17. Texas 

16. Wisconsin 

15. Oregon 

14. BYU 

13. Iowa State 

12. Indiana 

11. Oklahoma 

10. Miami 

9. Georgia 

8. Northwestern 

7. Cincinnati 

6. Florida 

5. Texas AM

4. Ohio State 

3. Clemson 

2. Notre Dame 

1. Alabama


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35 minutes ago, btownqb said:

They are a very good football team. 

They are good, but have gotten owned twice by the best teams they played.   Most Georgia fans I know consider this team a major disappointment.   

Hope we win out and get to prove ourselves against one of the top SEC teams.  I like our chances against anyone except Bama.  Who would've thought that until this year.

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Realistically given the schedules left and who has to play if we beat Maryland Wisconsin Purdue and (presumably Iowa). We are sitting at 8-1 with our only loss to the probable big ten champ at their place. We are for sure top 10, probably in the top 8. Ny6 for sure. Wisconsin scares me given our history, which shouldn’t effect the game, but still it’s in my mind. Florida will have 2 losses if they lose to bama. Osu beats nw.  A&M has auburn and LSU left, which should be wins but ya never know. Oklahoma ain’t gonna lose again unless it’s in b12 champ. If we win out I see us around 6-8 range. Be interesting to see what happens if Clemson beats Notre Dame in a close game in acc champ if they both still make it with bama and osu. Or if Florida beats bama And there is chaos. Football season is exciting for sure right now. 

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