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Michigan Postgame Thread

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I'm Tom Allen's biggest critic. But the job he's done so far has been spectacular, and the biggest reason why is the mindset of the players. In the past, games like today, we get a lead like we had, and our players come out in the second half with a mindset of "Dont blow it". We played "not to lose".

This group has a swagger about them. A belief that they truly are the better team. And that's tough to do with a squad with many of the same players in the past that blew leads. This year, we play like we are the better team. We are playing with confidence. When we have a lead, we aren't puckering those buttholes and trying to be perfect. When you believe you are truly better, you play loose. And when you do, good things happen.

Thats tough to instill that mindset with players that endured tough losses and seasons their whole career. To be able to switch that mindset. But coach has done an excellent job doing just that.

Congrats on the win. I think this is the first time in a LONG time we are really good on both sides of the ball. Let's keep it going!

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I might have missed it in this thread but would like to remind every that Colonial Crester wasn’t here to see this one.    I know it’s not really our place to say who this win was for. But mayb

Enough about me.  What did you think of the football game?

Well, it's official. 2020 is one big acid trip. Now DBM is making positive statements. 

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Well spent the afternoon with my brother at BW's watching this game so did not perticipate in the game thread.  What a great game and it was not a fluke but we dominated them.  So funny I was a junior in high school the last time we beat UM and my 33 year old nephew was 2 months old.

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As I've mentioned.. I've been going to games since 1997 (essentially the first memories I have of IU football, aside from being 7 days old and watching IU/Aub in the peach bowl 🤣

.... last years team was the best team I've seen and the best part.. this years team is significantly better. 

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Great game.

@btownqbI will admit that the O-line played really well and exerted their will down the stretch.

I have sat through IU football since 1976. Unfortunately, I was in Wisconsin in 1987 and didn’t get to go to the previous last game we beat Michigan. I was in the stands for several games only to have to put up with the ongoing playing of Hail to the Victors and the cockiness of the UM fans in Memorial Stadium.

Loved  our DC Womac egging on the offense to bring it home.

Loved all the kudos from the FS-1 network, especially Huard, who I really respect.

So happy for CTA. So happy for these kids.

In a hard week for a lot of reasons, I can’t help but think that Crester is looking down on all of Hoosier Nation and hoping that we LEO

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The thing I enjoyed seeing the most was the play calling. I thought Sheridan did a great job of attacking Michigan's weaknesses. We were also much more creative and kept the defense off balance. I thought there were times the first 2 games when we were too predictable and it really hurt our offensive line.

Play calling was much better, and the OL played much better.

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Here are the links to the post game pressers:

Harbaugh (IMO really poor) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01CIwMR_fg4

Tom Allen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_UjHQQrbkg

CTA gave them more credit than Harbaugh gave us. Really sad.

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