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I understand people's desire for excellence and holding IU basketball up to its own high standards and even a desire for a good show of basketball to distract us from a difficult year etc... I di

The only thing I heard was that IU won

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6 minutes ago, Hoosierhoopster said:

Definitely very short, no scrimmage, but you could see improvement in some of the guys and good to see them working hard

I liked seeing Trace going right and not just o his left.  Also looked like Hunter and Race looked a lot better

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10 minutes ago, Indy1987 said:

That was disappointing.  There was nothing "Live" about that at all to have it on Facebook Live.  Am I the only one that expected to see a live scrimmage?  

Go Hoosiers!!!

Did we just get TK'd by our own program.  They could have just leaked that yesterday and put us out of our misery.

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So here’s what Rabby posted earlier in the day about tonight. 

A note about tonight’s Hoosier Hysteria …

Hoosier Hysteria is a 15-minute web show, designed to introduce this year’s Indiana basketball team to the fan base.

It’s not live. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of recent years because 90-minutes in an empty gym would simply look weird.

It has some cool things thanks to the Cuban Center folks, but it is a 15-minute show to introduce this year’s team.

I wanted to pass this along so you know what to expect. It will be shown at 8 p.m. Eastern on the IU basketball Facebook page.

- Jeff Rabjohns

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