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Just now, IU Scott said:

I guess coaches has stop carrying on what their players hair looks like.  John Wooden is probably rolling in his grave seeing the hair styles we have seen in basketball nthis year.

Ahhh, Wooden tolerated Bill Walton so he wasn't that hardcore.

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This might not have anything to do with Holtman, might just be the kid's nature or it could be the atmosphere Holtman has created, but I watched the beginning of their game during last week and their

Does it though?

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Just now, FKIM01 said:

He may have gotten a preseason haircut but he wore a pretty solid mop most of his career at UCLA.

Just saying it is not like what we are seeing from the players today.  I know I am old school but there is a certain look I like for my basketball players.  Actually looking at the 70' we saw a lot of wild hair but it is out of hand now.

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21 minutes ago, DWB said:

Man, MSU is really taking it to ND.

MSU defensively looks in mid-season form already. Moves the ball pretty well too.

Yeah, I think all the pundits picking Wisconsin/Illinois/Iowa in front of this team needs to refigure...

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13 minutes ago, IUFLA said:

Up 20 and Izzo still going off on them...

Tough love...

They rebound, defend, and amazingly most all of them know how to shoot pretty well.  Izzo knows what he wants in a player and team and he gets both almost every year.  And he does it predominately with three and four star kids.  Yeah, yeah...he gets some five star guys, but he doesn't do the KY or Duke thing.  He has his faults as we know.  Not saying he's a saint.

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