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'20-'21 National Hoops Scene

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I watched a lot of the 2nd half... I already had a huge amount of respect for Leonard Hamilton, but something the announcers mentioned increased it... Said Hamilton vets recruits more thorou

Nobody grows up dreaming of going to Purdue. It’s kind of like Golden Corral...you just end up there

And FSU is up 20 on UVA at the half...the Cavalier's vaunted defense has given up 45 points already... We might be looking back at our game with FSU as the one we wish we could have finished off

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If Gonzaga doesn’t play in their conference tournament I would put them on the 2 line for trying to gain the system. And if they lie about Covid then I’d put them on probation next year too. I don’t like people trying to gain the system. NCAA owns the tournament so they can do what they please.

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Ran across this and thought it was a cool story.  Coach starts all 9 seniors on the team.  Feels honoring their accomplishments was worth the ensuing technical.



A little more in-depth story here.


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This Baylor WV game was a pleasure to watch. One of the best college games I’ve watched all year. Easy to root for either in the tournament. I will say this....some questionable foul calls on both teams at the end that never ever ever would be called in B1G. They let us pound so much in our conference.

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