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Where do you stand & what do you do?

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Plus credit card number, mother’s maiden name, and first pet’s name. 

I think there is a slight flaw in the question.  Many of you that say you are 'with him' are saying that because you want him to do well.  You like his approach, his no BS attitude, etc.  The real que

After Crean rebuilt the roster from scratch, I was excited to see a new, well-regarded coach level up the program. And he was young and promising enough that I thought we might have our guy for the ne

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1 minute ago, Fiveoutofsix said:

9 Big Ten teams in rankings - who would of thought?  And, no Indiana??  Not even 25....I never thought that would ever come out of my mouth.  

Wow!  How does that change?

I suspect the media is behind it....

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Late to the game but I work for the government. I’m doing better then my parents did, and less well then I wish I was(which is probably a good thing).

I’m still in support of Archie, though it’s fair to say I’ve been disappointed this far. I’m still hopeful he can be and is our guy, but I think this season and next will likely show us if he is or not.


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Also late to the party. I’m a RN and clinical manager of a very busy surgery department. 

Archie’s seat is warm and can go to cool or scorching hot over the next 2 months.

If this season ends with a missed NCAA tournament, I’m checking with boosters to see if funds are available to fire Archie and hire a replacement. Being in a pandemic, finances do play a role. So doubtful those funds are available. So I’d tell Archie he has a year to make top 3 in conference, plus the second weekend of the NCAA’s or he would be fired after 21/22 season. The buyout drops to 3 million April 2022. Also, if he wanted to leave early, after this season, his buyout would be waived. 

of we make the dance this year and keep showing improvement next season, then he gets an extension. 

Ultimately, end of 21/22 we will all know what Dolson has decided. Archie has to either get an extension for recruiting purposes or he will be fired. $3 mil buyout will not be an issue April 22’. 

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