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Short Bench Tonight?


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15 minutes ago, Bustout said:

We lose more games b/c of offense IMO

Perhaps...but Archie always points to our defense why we lose. He always talks about our defensive energy or points to missed assignments. Not to say he doesn’t mention the offensive end but to Archie...everything seems to begin and end with defense. Like no matter how poorly we play offensively every game is winnable if we just played better on defense. Guy is obsessed with that end of the floor lol.


That said my comment was obviously said tongue and cheek.

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2 hours ago, 5fouls said:

Why have we had to wait so long for this to happen?  Did he have to be enrolled for so many weeks before he was eligible to play?

I think it was Fisch that alluded to have been going through the quarantine after he got here per the school rules.   Then getting into game shape I’m sure has been a process.  His father just passed away too so he may simply had gotten behind on being physically ready to play.  

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