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Iowa Game Thread

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Took until the 7:24 Mark to get our first good look out on the perimeter


our offense is really bad guys and leaves half of the game for wider margin of error


Crazy how much of emphasis Archie puts on D. It’s out of control. If you want the D to be your rock, fine, but not this much. You’re allocating too much time for practicing the part of the game where your team doesn’t have the manipulative (basketball)- all coordination and skill will be significantly skewed

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1 minute ago, Zville Hoosier said:

I’m charting missed layups/shots inside restricted area. We’re up to 12 with 5 min left in 1st 

Thanks for doing that. I joked 30 minutes ago about keeping this stat. Glad someone is. I'll say 25 is final total.

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