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Rutgers Game Thread

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2 minutes ago, Zuckerkorn said:

How many TJD dunks is that?  Gotta be closing in on some kind of record.

Don't have the count but it's more than the combined field goals of anyone not named Durham.


Edit: 4 just shown on the replay there vs. 3 made field goals by the rest of the team (excluding Al).

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As a long time fan I am truly embarrassed of this basketball program.  It is embarrassing to be in the same catagory as a Rutgers or Minnesota if the conference.  Archie just isn't right for this job and Dolson better do something about it.

Archie has no killer instinct and won't try to put teams away when you have a chance.  Last two games we came out great and made our opponents look terrible and got big leads.  What most smart coaches would is to ride the hot streak or at least they use to.  Today coaches have to worry about players egos and worry about them getting unhappy if they don't get to play.

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